Sunday, 05 April 2015 11:28

CFR Management Committee formation in Vazhachal

The Forest Department along with the tribal department, and Panchayath facilitated formation of the CFR Management Committees in Vazhachal on 22nd November 2014.The Vazhachal Grama Sabha meeting convened in Vazhachal chaired by the FRC secretary of the Grama Sabha Mr. K. Babu, It was inaugurated by Mr. Abdul NazarKunju, DFO Vazhachal Division and attended by Mrs. Mirdhula, Tribal Extension officer, Ms. Veenadevi, Range Forest Officer and Dr.K.HAmithaBachan of Western Ghats Hornbill Foundation. The Grama Sabha elected 12 persons as CFR Management Committee including FRC President (Oorumooppan), FRC secretary, president and two executives members of VSS, tribal promoter and the remaining persons were nominated by the members from the elders and regular Minor Forest Produce Collectors.
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